Important Safety Information

We would like to refresh our Clients and families on some of our operating standards.  These are about safety for everyone.

From our facilities at Trafalgar Street Manly, we sail specially designed two person Access 303 dinghies and our yacht "Faith", so that people with disability can enjoy the sport of sailing.  We use specially engineered cranes and slings to enable us winch people (who need more assistance) into our dinghies.

Our dinghies carry an international certification maximum weight limit of 180kgs (up to two persons).  Our  cranes are rated to a maximum loading limit of 120kgs per person. For legal reasons and for the well being of you, our clients and our volunteers, we must follow these limits.

Our mission is to do whatever we can to ensure a person with disability enjoys an on-water experience with us, but we cannot compromise safety. So, where possible if someone with a disability is weight challenged but below our crane limit we will pair them with a  lighter weight volunteer dinghy skipper for their sail (we will do the same if they can board without the need of a crane). Or, in some cases, if they are above our crane limit and they are suitably mobile, we may be able to offer them a sail on our yacht, Faith.

Unfortunately, some clients might still not be able to sail with us. We would like to alert them to possible alternatives with several of our affiliated Sailability clubs, Graceville, Shorncliffe and Gold Coast.  Each of these clubs has a pontoon boat able to carry wheelchair users and other people with disability (otherwise unable to sail with us).  We encourage you to contact them for a consultation.

We thank you for your understanding.

News t0 the minute

Please note that Sailing for all of Term 3 has been cancelled.  Due to the continued uncertainty relating to the ongoing Covid-19 Restrictions.

We urge all of our volunteers, sailors and carers to be mindful of the directions issued by Qld Health and to observe social distancing,  



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